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Here you can download some files available on this website. Please note that I have optimised and compressed the PDF files to version 1.7, so you will need version 8 of adobe reader or Foxit to view them.



  • modelblockPAUPb10.txt [TXT] – The file that makes modeltest work.
  • ML-search.txt [TXT] – creates a Maximum Likelihood tree in PAUP* using the Modeltest parameters.
  • NJ-search.txt [TXT] – creates a Neighbour Joining tree in PAUP* using the HKY85 model, with 1000 bootstrap replicates.
  • MB-search.txt [TXT] – creates a Bayesian tree in MrBayes using the GTR+I+G model.

Publications and Presentations

For full references visit my publications page.

Supplementary data

See the publications page.

Files not on on this website